The systems vary according to the needs of the plant, future plans, capacities and investment budget. After the feasibility reports are prepared, we aim to meet you with the factory model and optimum solution possibilities and requirements. Our factory plan; Starting from the raw material entry, it takes a strong step for the facility by exploring and explaining the steps that the plant needs.

Factory Place and Building Plan;

Plant location will be determne, if it is spring water; In accordance with the source, if it is drinking water; Nature and transportation conditions. Depending on the geographical conditions and the planned plant specifications, the factory buildings can be constructed with prefabricated construction , steel construction or reinforced concrete buildings. Raw material inputs and final product outputs, loads, downs.
Electricity and water installations should be done with the use of certified health-grade  materials by determinatedof the law, taking into account the risks and hygiene.
The construction of buildings suitable for future plans is very important in the long run , it can save the companies trouble of time and place in future.


1.     0.5/1.5 L Pet Bottling Line
        Blowing machine
        Compressor and chiller
        Filling monoblock
        Labelling machine
        Date coder
        Shrink packing machine
        Automatic palletizer or manuel pallet 
        Coveyors and other equipments

2.     5/10 L Pet Bottling Line
        Blowing machine
        Compressor and chiller
        Filling monoblock
        Labelling machine
        Date coder
        Shrink packing machine
        Coveyors and other equipments

3.     5 Gl Recycable PC Bottle Filling Line  
        Externa washing
        Internal washing
        Filling unit
        Capping and sleeve unit heat tunnel
        Date coder
        Palleting for high capacities
        Aux. equipments
4.     5 Gl  P.e.t Oneway Bottle Filling Line
        Blowing machine
        Compressor and chiller
        Empty bottle conveyors
        Rinserfillercapper sleever 4in1 monoblock
        Date coder
        Sticker labelling machine
        Handle appliator (optional)
        Accumulation conveyors
5.      5/8 L Glass bottle line

6.      0.5/1.5 L Glass Bottle Filling Machine
         Rinserfiller capper 3in1
         Date coder
7.      Thermoform Cup Water Machine
         Monoblock forming filling sealing
         Optional according to capacity
         carton packing robot

2. CRUDE WATER STORAGE: A pool tank to be built next to the source or well, allows the water to rsettle and accumulate.
3.FILTRATION: Filtration is used to remove particulate matter in the water and eliminate turbidity. The most advanced filtration system in the world is ULTRAFILTRATION.
4. TRETMENT: If your water needs to be chemically purified, the RO (Reverse Osmosis) system will be used. In this case your water will be in the "Drinking Water" status.
5.PURIFIED WATER STORAGE: Storage to be manufactured from stainless or other suitable materials.
6. OZONING: In the case of iron in water, the complete water can be ozonized or only the washing watercan be ozonated. Ozone also destroys microbial organisms that can withstand 70C or detergents by 99%
1. SOURCE: Catchment and distribution line. The water to be bottled may be natural spring water, as well as drinking water from other classes.

7.CONSUMPTION MATERIALS: According to your existing lines; preform or ready bottle, cap, handle, label, shrink nylon, glue and  disinfectant and detergents to be used in washing groups
8. LABORATORY: In our country it is legally necessary to install laboratories for water factories. The chemist will be in the factory and the laboratory will be established.
10.STOKING AND TRANSPORTATION EQUIPMENTS: Forklifts, transpallets, storage racks, racks, extra conveyor etc.
9.MACHINE PARK: After completing the building, in-building installation, water, auxiliary equipments and raw materials, the order comes to the machine park. The machine are determined according to the type of bottle to be filled and the factory plan to be installed.
Installed new BOSS BB UHH series machine park
Callaway Blue Springs
preferred Erturk Makine for external washing machine.
Ertürk Makine and Aquaworks Australia sectoral partnership established BOSS GDS Series machine to one of the famous Australian water factory.
Jadawell installed new external washing machine from Erturk Makine
Erturk Makine and Steelhead USA sectorel partnership added a new machine to their successful partnership.
Start operating the BOSS GDS H Series 5GL p.e.t bottling line
Preffered for their new 5 gl line from Erturk Makine as BOSS BB UHH ultra hygienic filling system.
Turkey's beverage and food giant Pınar Su has added new BOSS BB UHH series to their machine park

Capacity is one of the most important issues to be considered and decided when planning a drinking water bottling plant and calculating investment costs. Capacity should be determined in the beginning and all facility plan feasibility reports should be made according to these capacities.
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* Compressors to be placed outside in the building due to noisy operation

* Where will the treatment system, filtration, clean water deposits and ozonation be? Clean water storages  are close to the filling units.

* Raw material entry and raw material stock areas, loading and unloading areas to be considered

* Finished product stock areas and finished product loading ramps

* The laboratory, technical room and manager room must be in place and at the right place

* The design of the production lines to allow movement of the operators and all line intervention.

* Plan ahead of schedule to meet the requirements of the planned and mandatory certifications.
ALIYANI Trading established new water factory in Oman with BOSS SB series 0,5 -1,5 l high capacity line.

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